Sunday, January 14, 2007

Legal, Out Rappers and Birthdays

On Friday January 12, I went to join writer and man-about-town Mark Schulte and friends for drinks to celebrate Mark’s birthday. Mark said to meet at East Village hotspot Boysroom, a lounge enjoyable in that sleazy East Village way that’s hard to describe. It’s a place with cheap drinks and an even delightfully cheaper clientele! No dis intended! That night was also the opening night of a new party called Barely Legal and everyone knows how I just love “Openings.” And it’s always great to see Mark. If Barely Legal weren’t the name of the party, it could easily refer to the Go Go boys dancing in their underwear on the bar. But of course, I can’t make any snide comments about that since I too have always looked very young for my age! Cazwell, one of my favorite Out hip hop rappers was the host of the party and also DJed with Dru. Cute bartenders Pedro and Matt gave me lots of free drinks. Randy Jones (original Village People Cowboy) and husband Will Grega were also among those who stopped by with birthday wishes. Randy told me how much he like Under the Pink Carpet’s coverage of his birthday party that aired last night in NYC. Also stopping by were Milan, Daniel Nordico, Alberto Renna and others. The evening also provided a fantastic high-energy concert by VIP a band with three Gay white rappers from Philadelphia. Their lyrics were about their outrageous lives filled with promiscuous, illicit sex. “Partying, dicks and fashion” are what lead singer Johnny Make Up says their lives and their music is all about! I can easily understand and identify with that statement!
Photos: Stripper, VIP