Friday, January 26, 2007

Film Stars Reunited with Martinis

After the above mentioned BINGO event, I went to Club Vlada for to attend another party called The Martini Club, hosted by movie actor/producer Casper Andreas and marketing PR guru Steve Deitsch. Casper wasn’t able to make this week’s party, so actor Jesse Archer filled in for him. This was Jesse’s first time as Martini Club host so I went with my girlfriend Madeline to show him some support and have a good time. Also, Jesse and Madeline haven’t seen each other sine we were on the move set of the Casper Andres film A Four Letter Word. It was a fun Drag Queen Bridal Shower scene. We were also reunited with the make-up artist of the film, Chad Hayduk as well as another Drag Queen in the movie, the famous and fabulous Edie, who treated everyone with one of her high-kicking performances that evening. She opened with a go-go high energy "Route 66" and eventually led into some "I wanna be a Rockette" high steps. She told me that she just got booked to perform on the Atlantis Gay party cruise liner. I wondered what would happen to me if I were trapped on a Cruise boat with hundreds of Men alone in the middle of an ocean. Then I had a Martini to cool down. Singer/songwriter Brian Kent, a former Mr. Leather, also performed some songs from his new album “I’m not crazy.” The Martini special of the night was called a Sparkle-tini and was plum flavored. After a few of those, we asked Jesse about his having to act in the notorious sex scene in the Andreas film, Slutty Summer, where he “tops” an anonymous "back-side." “There was no acting in that scene, it was all real.” Jesse confessed to a not-so-shocked group of people.
Photos: Jesse Archer, Edie, Brian Kent